Head of Product

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa · Growth · ProductHead


We are looking for team members to join a company that is already recognised as one of the top education technology startups in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the top edtech startup on the African continent, funded by Facebook and Google. CoGrammar is currently included by Facebook and is headquartered at the Facebook European headquarters in London.

The Head of Product is responsible for the effective positioning of CoGrammar and the Hyperion Development products in the minds of target consumers. The Head of Product must ensure our brands and products are differentiated in the market, and relevant to the target audience, and manage all consumer facing communications. He/She needs to ensure that the reputation of CoGrammar is upheld in our marketing efforts, and that our brand guidelines are adhered to.

Our team is comprised of top talent who joined CoGrammar out of world-leading tech companies such as Google, Amazon, GetSmarter, 2U, and Yoco and our leadership team have scaled products to hundreds of thousands of users. We are looking for team members who are competitive, ambitious, and have track record of over-achieving and exceeding targets.







Learn more about careers at CoGrammar here: https://www.cogrammar.com/pages/jobs.html

CoGrammar is recognised as one of the top education technology startups in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Founded by ex Googlers and graduates of the University of Cambridge, Hyperion was funded by Facebook and Google in 2017, winning first prize in Facebook's Africa Innovation Challenge Award. CoGrammar works directly with Facebook's senior leadership - right up to Mark Zuckerberg himself - and through its headquarters in London is recognised as a leading EdTech startup in the UK.

CoGrammar was founded with an ambition to scale human-led education in programming. We believe that machines can't match humans, and learning to code is best achieved by having a coding educator review your code on a day-by-day basis.

CoGrammar has built an online course platform that allows human code review to be scaled, applying this methodology to help thousands of students from over 30 countries learn how to code in a novel way.

We're proud to power this model using the top technical talent from Africa, and to work with the worlds leading tech firms to deliver the highest quality educational content in software development.

You'll join CoGrammar at a time when it is has just closed one of the largest seed EdTech fundraises outside of the USA, fuelling massive growth and new partnerships with the likes of Facebook and Google.


At CoGrammar we believe in the following:


  • Equity - you'll gain not just a generous commission and base salary, but direct ownership in the business.
  • Join the heart of tech in Africa and Europe - you'll work with the best of the best and rub shoulders with the world leaders in EdTech
  • Team off sites - we've been to San Francisco, London and New York
  • The sharpest, motivated co-working - work with only the best who are at Hyperion to redefine technical education
  • Life-changing work - solve real problems that make education accessible to those who need it most: you're allowed to brand about it
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